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20 week guaranteed
income period

Take the fear out of starting your own business with Bizzi Beez. We offer an income guarantee for the first 20 weeks of new franchise agreements, backed by our ready customer base that ensures a swift start to your business and the financial security you need.

Training & call
centre support

Bizzi Beez franchisees undergo intensive field training with our specialist teams to acquire the essential practical cleaning and customer service experience, ensuring consistent customer satisfaction. Our dedicated head office and call centre teams provide ongoing support and coaching, guaranteeing a steady flow of customers for your business.

Build success on
a proven track record

Take control of your future and work for yourself with Bizzi Beez. With over 35 years of experience in the cleaning industry, we have a proven track record of success. As a family-owned and operated business, we bring our expertise and valuable lessons learned to guide you along your entrepreneurial journey.

Let's get Bizzi

Be Your Own Boss and Build Your Success Story in the Cleaning Industry with Bizzi Beez

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Are you ready to take charge of your future and buzz your way to success in the cleaning industry? Look no further than Bizzi Beez, where we empower you to be your own boss and create a remarkable success story. As a Bizzi Beez franchisee, you'll enjoy the freedom and flexibility of running your own cleaning business while benefiting from our proven systems, extensive support, and trusted brand reputation. Join our hive of successful entrepreneurs and discover a rewarding path to financial independence and personal fulfillment.

I speak Mandarin & Cantonese and will work with you every step of your business journey. Come in and meet with us. I’m here to assist you anytime!

Jordan Yan - 0419 385 663

Jordan Yan - 0419 385 663Bizzi Beez Customer & Franchisee Representative

Your Money Is Secure

Our 20 week guaranteed income period

Whether it’s your first time in business or you are looking for a new business, we know that starting a business can be scary. We also know you have bills to pay and the mortgage won’t pay itself, that’s why we have an income guarantee for the first 20 weeks for new franchise agreements. We are able to do this because we have the customers ready to fill up your business fast.

How it works

While you are getting used to running your own business and learning the tricks of the trade, we will top up the difference between your earned income and the guaranteed amount which is the income level you purchased. At the end of the 20 week guaranteed income period you should have a thriving business that we helped grow together and you will be well on the way to your business success.

Earn your initial investment back in less than 4 months!

Bizzi Beez Franchise Benefits

Steps To Owning Your Cleaning Business

Work where and when you want, family friendly and flexible.

At Bizzi Beez, we have carefully crafted a comprehensive process that ensures a seamless transition from aspiring franchisee to successful business owner. Our step-by-step approach is designed to provide you with the support, training, and guidance you need to thrive in the cleaning industry.
On average, this process takes around 28 days to complete, ensuring a smooth and efficient transition into franchise ownership. Join us at Bizzi Beez and embark on a rewarding journey towards building your own successful cleaning business.