House Cleaning 101 – Back to basics

Cleaning your home can be time consuming and by the time you finish, it feels like it's time to start over again. Here are some simple tips to help you tackle your home clean and save time.

Include the Family
Everyone makes the mess, so everyone should help clean it up.

Assign Tasks
Ensure that nothing gets overlooked by assigning jobs to each family/house member.

Set the Clock for 15 Minutes
Doing a little bit each day will keep you from spending all Saturday cleaning.

Break House Chores In to Chunks
Create a separate list for tasks that need to be done daily, weekly and monthly. Focus on just what needs to be done at that specific time.

Develop Time Awareness
Monitor how long each cleaning task takes so you can carve out enough time to accomplish each of your goals.

Have a Space for Supplies
Designate one place to store all of your cleaning supplies and keep it well stocked.

Make a Cleaning Caddy
Have a simple bucket or caddy that's easy to fill with cleaning supplies, yet small enough to cart from room-to-room.

Do the important cleaning tasks first. If you run out of time, at least you accomplished the most important tasks. Next time you clean, do the leftover items first.

Create a Reward System for Kids
Offer kids a reward for cleaning - enough said.

Keep It Simple
Use cleaning products that have more than one purpose instead of one cleaning product per need - you don't need separate cleaners for the bathroom and the kitchen.

Make Cleaning Zones
Monday you'll clean the kitchen, Tuesday the bathroom, and so on.

Eliminate Clutter
The less you have, the less you have to clean.

Attack the Rooms From Top to Bottom
… and then right to left, just like a professional cleaner. Clear all surfaces and floor space. Grab a basket and place items from the tops of furniture and floors into a basket (or two). This makes polishing, cleaning furniture, sweeping and vacuuming so much more efficient.

Dust and Polish Surfaces First
Vacuum last and avoid re-dusting your furniture.

Use More Than One Vacuum
One big vacuum is a good idea, but if you can, keep a smaller hand vac to help you clean as you go.

Think Ahead
Take steps to keep things clean ahead of time. Try adding extra liners to rubbish bins, lining the refrigerator shelves with plastic wrap and using double foil on oven trays to help save you precious time.

Designate a Day for Laundry
Teach the kids that on Saturdays you always clean the bed linen.

Clean as You Go
Get into the habit of rinsing the sink after brushing your teeth and empty the rubbish when full. For high traffic areas, consider storing cleaning wipes under the sink so you’re ready for a quick clean.

Repurpose Supplies You Already Have
Save yourself a trip to the supermarket and use what you already have. The back of your cleaning cupboard will probably be stacked with many ½ filled cleaning product bottles. Use those first to save time and money.

Empty It
Get in the habit of emptying and cleaning out sports and swimming bags after use.

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